3 Ways to Boost Home Value with Landscape Installation

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3 Ways to Boost Home Value with Landscape Installation

Spring is officially upon us. In Central Florida, this season brings consistently warmer temperatures, more humidity, more rainfall, and seasonal flowers in full bloom. However, before Florida’s summer rain becomes an almost-daily occurrence, it is a great time of year to pursue a variety of landscape installation opportunities in the St. Petersburg area. Aside from wowing your family, friends, and neighbors, the finished product will give your place curb appeal. With appropriate planning and execution, Professor Green Thumb can take your property from ordinary to extraordinary!

1. Fences

Regardless of whether or not you dream of a white picket fence, we can help you with all of your fencing needs. We offer fences in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials (like wood or vinyl), to fully accommodate the size of your residential or commercial space. Erecting a fence will help give your property a finished look, in addition to providing privacy and an added feeling of safety.

2. Lighting Upgrades

When the sun goes down, proper lighting can keep your yard safe and on display. What good is your beautifully maintained lawn if no one can see it during the evening? Our landscape installation services in the St. Petersburg area can provide the perfect lighting solutions for your outdoor area–as we offer LED rope lights, spotlights, downlights, and much more to ensure that your residential or commercial property is visible in the best light, day or night.

3. Walking Paths

Walking paths are a great way to add functionality to the area by providing the perfect space for movement alongside your carefully maintained plants and shrubbery. Your walkway could lead to a butterfly garden, or provide a pathway to the front yard. Or, perhaps, you would like to install a winding walkway of pavers, which leads to your outdoor spa. Whatever the case, we can assist you!  What’s more— if you already have a trail that needs to be cleaned or improved upon, we can seal pavers, re-sand, or pressure wash, as needed.

Professor Green Thumb’s Landscape Installation Expertise

Professor Green Thumb’s professionals offer comprehensive landscape installation services in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. By working with you and listening to your requests, Professor Green Thumb can help you create your ideal outdoor surroundings. We do it all— lawn and gardening, pavers, lighting, fences, and cleanup.

To see some of these drastic improvements, take a look at the “Before and After” photos on our website. Not only will your yard look beautiful, but the investment will likely pay off when you eventually sell your St. Petersburg-area property, as well. If landscape installation is what you are looking for, call Professor Green Thumb at 727-417-3311 today.