The Best Landscape Lighting for Your Tampa Oasis

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The Best Landscape Lighting for Your Tampa Oasis

People know the Tampa Bay area for its beautiful lush tropical plants, incredible landscape lighting, and year-round pleasant weather. The beautiful tree-lined streets of Tampa’s neighborhoods set a standard not seen in many other cities.

Record numbers have been set for tourism in the Bay area the past six years in a row, and more residents move in every day. There are more people than ever working to beautify the community. Nielsen Media research recently ranked Tampa in their top cities for adult gardeners. They report that forty-four percent of homeowners in the Tampa Bay area actively participate in the practice of gardening.

Even with the ubiquity of lush foliage, some yards stand out from the rest. They have incredible landscape lighting that jumps out at you. Keep reading to discover why you should light up your yard and what kind of options are available to you in Tampa.

Reasons to Purchase Landscape Lighting Products

There are a variety of common reasons why someone wants to highlight a particular portion of their yard. They aim to add beauty and grace to their already perfectly pruned oasis. The first is lighting an unnoticed tree. It looks particularly graceful and instantly becomes the most prominent feature of your yard. Creating a walkway to lead through the garden is another common reason that a homeowner would purchase lights. In Tampa, these pathways can easily use solar-powered lights. These energy savers will make it so that you don’t have to run any wire between them. Finally, your safety is one final common reason landscape lighting is good for your garden. Lighting your premises well is an excellent way to deter potential criminals.

Varieties of Landscape Lighting Available

When you need your yard illuminated, we recommend that you explore all your options before making a decision. Initially, the simplest option is LED rope lights. You can buy them in a variety of colors, as well as white. With a single power source, you could easily light fifty feet of rope allowing you to have an uninterrupted design. As mentioned earlier, solar-powered paths have become incredibly popular recently. There is a broad range of styles available to choose from that can suit any garden’s needs.

Beyond those relatively simple lighting solutions, LED and halogen fixtures can give you a more powerful and professional looking yard. Also, they are both energy-efficient options that won’t cause a spike in your electric bill.

How to Locate the Right Professional in Tampa

Installing new lights and wiring to create the perfect setting in your garden oasis will be a complicated task. You deserve to converse with a dedicated team of professionals.

If you are ready to transform your currently dark yard into a vibrant and relaxing paradise in the evenings, contact Professor Green Thumb at (727) 417-3311. They tailor custom landscape lighting for you that accentuates the lush tropical garden of your dreams.

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