The Benefits of Hiring Landscaping Contractors

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The Benefits of Hiring Landscaping Contractors

Yard work is hard work. St. Petersburg is a beautiful city, of course. But the same sun that gives us such rich, warm weather also beats down mercilessly. Keeping your landscaped home or business maintained isn’t a simple DIY chore. Professor Green Thumb and his crew are landscaping contractors who follow the project from concept to completion. They work with you, advising and suggesting, every step of the way. Thus stunning, professional landscaping that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also well-maintained on a weekly, monthly or another basis. Because we’re in it for the long run.

We’re Full-Service Landscaping Contractors

Full-service landscaping contractors do it all. Professor Green Thumb’s yard landscaping might include the addition of ornamental trees and shrubs. With guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we know which plants are St. Petersburg ready. This means the ones that are hardy enough to thrive in our soil, and in our tropical climate. We also take into account the average yearly rainfall of the Tampa Bay area, which is, of course, considerable. As a result, you’ll always get the colors and the textures you want; we’ll provide the agricultural data to ensure they can blossom in full health in St. Petersburg.

Stones, pavers, and fences are often used as accents. Landscaping contractors provide you with a wheelbarrow full of designs, textures, and colors. Also, do you desire to take things further with the addition of a gazebo or ornamental pond? An arbor or archway? Maybe you’re interested in a customized combination of ingredients. From the simplest to the most elaborate multi-leveled layout, Professor Green Thumb will work alongside you. Therefore, the beautification of your St. Petersburg property is just a phone call away!

Seeing St. Petersburg Through Your Eyes

Of course, not every home or business owner has a crystal-clear vision of what they want. Subsequently, as professional landscaping contractors the Professor Green Thumb staff is trained to see the property – and its potential – through your eyes. Then they apply their expertise to turn your vision (or maybe just your vague idea) into pleasing, heart-stopping reality.

Ultimately, every decision is yours. Because we’re the facilitators. Therefore, a maintenance contract with Professor Green Thumb means that we’ll not only make your yard beautiful, but we’ll also keep it beautiful. The powerful St. Petersburg sun helps your carefully-chosen plants to grow and thrive. You’re here to enjoy it, not broil as you toil. As landscaping contractors, we offer a wide variety of services that will ensure you get the most out of your property!

Call Professor Green Thumb today at (727) 417-3311. Let us get to work on your dream!