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Beat the Heat with Lawn Mowing Services

While other regions are donning sweaters and drinking cocoa, Clearwater residents will still be sweating on the regular for months to come. With an extended summer, you should consider lawn mowing services. Not only do you prevent conditions like heatstroke and dehydration, but you also gain assistance from punctual professionals.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Mowing Services

There are very few individuals in Pinellas County who would choose yard work over their favorite activities or spending time with friends or family members. But people are missing out because of an obvious misinterpretation that professional help is high-priced. Not only is it affordable to get lawn mowing services, but it is also:


Even though it’s technically the fall season, the temperatures in Clearwater are hardly accommodating for outdoor activities, like grass trimming or weed whacking. It doesn’t take long for the hot weather to hijack your nervous system, making it difficult to cool off. When you don’t monitor the climate outside, your attempts to complete yard work could result in:

  • Heat rash
  • Edema, or swelling
  • Hyperventilation
  • Exhaustion
  • Heatstroke

The latter condition is a medical emergency, and the others are just precursors to this end. Choose lawn mowing services instead of risking your well-being.

Regular schedule

It is rare for homeowners to trim their grass on the same day of each week. The fickle Florida weather keeps Clearwater homeowners from maintaining a regular practice. When you opt to hire a landscaping team, you can count on a set schedule, so your property always looks pristine!

Landscaping Specialists

In central Florida, it is all too common to see a courtyard overgrown with plants. In other regions, this would indicate months of neglect. However, in Pinellas County, grass and weeds can take over in just a week’s time. Our team of landscaping experts knows how to keep your grounds healthy and under control.

Save Time and Money with Lawn Mowing Services

It may seem surprising, but you will actually save time and money when you enlist skilled landscapers from Professor Green Thumb. Maintaining your equipment and the hospital bills after an unfortunate bout of heatstroke will add up, and professional lawn mowing services will complete the yard work quicker than you ever could in Clearwater. Call Professor Green Thumb at 727-417-3311 to learn about our maintenance plans, as well as:

With landscaping experts on your side, your grounds will look better than ever!

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