5 Landscaping Services That Will Spruce up Your Lawn

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5 Landscaping Services That Will Spruce up Your Lawn

If your yard is looking a little drab in Clearwater, consider all the ways that landscaping services can be used to improve its appearance. Whether you want to install a koi pond or are interested in raised garden beds, a team of professionals can bring your ideas to life in no time!

1. Design

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your lawn is with design. By incorporating plants, structures, and decor, you can transform the area. Our team has helped add color and dimension to the properties of Clearwater residents by adding:

  • A fountain
  • A stone fire pit
  • Colorful annuals
  • A succulent garden
  • Hedgerows along pathways
  • River rocks as ground coverage

We utilize landscaping services to turn your yard into an entirely new space!

2. Pavers

To add texture and order, choose pavers. These stones can be stacked or lined up, and they come in numerous colors. That way, Clearwater homeowners can build what they want in the color that they prefer. You might have a pathway to the garden shed in mind or, perhaps, you plan to create raised garden beds with the pavers. Whatever your designs, Professor Green Thumb’s landscaping services team can assist you!

3. Fencing

For privacy and a crisp, clean look, fencing is the way to go. Not only will you prevent unwanted trespassers from wandering through your lawn, but you can also enjoy your outdoor oasis without worry of prying eyes. Fences help to cut down on noise from the street or the neighbors, and they keep your family safe, whether you have young children, grandchildren who visit, or furry friends on-site.

4. Lighting

Another one of our popular landscaping services is lighting. There are so many styles to choose from — well, bullet, wash, downlight, garden, flood, and more! An added bonus to installing lights is that you make your lawn a safer place to be because you’ll see where you’re going and it will deter both pests and passers-by. To identify which bulbs and color temperatures are best for your yard, consult with professionals like those you’ll find a Professor Green Thumb.

5. Maintenance

Regular maintenance will keep plants healthy, and your property in Clearwater will look beautiful during  every season. Instead of sweating through several shirts while you complete yardwork on the weekend, why not pass the responsibility on to professionals? This financial investment will give you back hours of your life and promote the health of your plants. We offer:

  • Mulching
  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Shrub trimming
  • Brown pruning
  • And more!

Choose Professor Green Thumb to keep your lawn looking good!

Professor Green Thumb for Landscaping Services

For landscaping services in the Clearwater area, pick Professor Green Thumb! Our staff will work tirelessly to help you design the perfect scene, and our expertise will ensure that plants and structures alike will be installed properly. If you’re tired of looking at brown grass or a bland yard, call us at 727-417-3311 to make a change!