3 Things You Gain From Lawn Mowing Services

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3 Things You Gain From Lawn Mowing Services

If you choose landscaping professionals for lawn mowing services in St. Petersburg, you’ll experience liberation from chores and have healthier grass. Central Florida’s ample rainfall and sunlight both promote plant growth, but depending on the type, this can get out of hand. Certain ones don’t do well in the shade while others dry up and turn yellow because of direct exposure. Watering times and amounts need to be specific, but without knowledge about what’s growing in your yard, this can cause problems too. Professor Green Thumb makes it easy for locals by offering to trim your turf for you!

Consistent, Regular Trimming

Consistent cutting makes for healthier grass. By hiring someone else for lawn mowing services, you can count on regular trimming. You might be wondering why you can’t complete this task yourself. Of course, you can. But it’s common for life to get full in St. Petersburg and when it does, chores fall to the wayside. If tasks get overlooked for too long, things can get out of control, especially outside on your property. Keep everything pristine and healthy by investing in landscaping care.

Input On Grass Health

You might have an area in your yard that is persistently yellow no matter how much you water it. You may notice a particular insect but be unsure of what it is. When you choose a landscaping maintenance program with Professor Green Thumb, members of our staff will identify complications and correct them.

Freedom and Personal Time

There is no question that many St. Petersburg residents are capable of laying and cutting sod. But consider whether or not this is how you want to invest your free time. The expense of lawn mowing services not only gains you beautiful scenery, but it also creates personal time and freedom to spend with your family and friends, to restart that project you meant to complete, and more!

Professor Green Thumb Offers Lawn Mowing Services

Certain plants grow easily in St. Petersburg, but grass can be a whole other story. Maintaining it is even more challenging. Instead of trying to complete this yourself, consider the perks of lawn mowing services. Our professionals offer this, as well as:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Pavers
  • Fences
  • Lighting
  • Yard clean-up

From turning your designs into a reality and installing the pavers to trimming the grass every week, we see you from start to finish and help you maintain the look you want to achieve! Call 727-417-3311 to discuss our landscape maintenance packages.