3 Perks of Professional Landscaping

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3 Perks of Professional Landscaping

For homeowners in Clearwater, you can maximize your free time by choosing professional landscaping services. Whether you sail your boat on the Bay or only reside in Pinellas County for the winter, you can improve your lawn’s appearance and save time with this investment.

1. Consistent Care

Consistent cutting will optimize the look of your yard no matter the plant. Neat hedges and trimmed grass are pleasant in appearance, and they’ll stay healthier throughout the year. Certain seasons, like the rainy months, warrant an increased frequency of mowing and others less so. If a project comes up at work or you go on vacation, your property could look more like an overgrown lot than a suburban setting. Don’t give your HOA reason to contact you!

2. Expert Service

Professional landscaping opens you up to in-depth plant information and seasonal essentials like aeration or leaf mulching. If you’re new to Florida or don’t enjoy yard work, hiring a company will be the best choice for you. The same goes for those considering plant installations or significant changes. Our staff can give you insight in Clearwater to make the process more successful.

3. Scale Back on Sweating

While yard work might not seem too challenging, the humid climate in Pinellas County turns the most basic of tasks into a sweaty undertaking. Few people hydrate as needed and can end up with headaches or heat stroke. Stay cool by passing the task onto the pros in Clearwater!

The Downside of DIY

Those who choose DIY over professional landscaping often end up with problems in the future. They might choose the wrong season in which to trim their trees or might mow so infrequently that their grass dies from stress. Whatever the case, DIY is only a good fit for the most disciplined homeowners. It’s easy to push off outdoor tasks when you’re playing with the kids or watching football on Sunday afternoon. The problem? Nothing gets done!

Professor Green Thumb for Professional Landscaping Services

At Professor Green Thumb, we make it easy for you to keep your lawn looking pristine throughout the year in Clearwater. We offer:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Yard clean-up
  • And more!

You might want pavers or a privacy fence. Perhaps, you’re interested in maintenance services. Whatever the case, call Professor Green Thumb at 727-427-3311 for professional landscaping!

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